10 Reasons why mountain biking makes you happier

Most of us are looking for the ultimate hapiness. We know at least 10 ways to get more happy by going outdoor and start mountain biking.

  1. Mostly known riding your bike helps you by releasing endorphins (brain chemicals that trigger a euphoric high). Phyisical activity also decreases the immune system that make depression worse.
  2. Mountainbiking takes you out of every day reality. It helps you being distracted and take your mind of any worries.happy5
  3. Biking helps you make new friends. It is extra easy when you ride with others o with a cycling club. All people joining aride have the same hobby: mountain biking.
  4. One of the secrets of happiness is creating the flow. That’s when we lose all track of time. Being outdoor helps you immersing so in task that you really absorb happiness.
  5. Mountainbiking gives you a opportunity to set goals. It’s general accepted that the pursuit of goals makes us happy and makes us feel better about life.
  6. But for all the accomplishment is one of the greatest contributors to our sense of well being. Because of its accessibility, mountainbiking is an never ending source of opportunities. That one distance ride….
  7. It makes you having less stress. According to different studies, outdoor activities decreases stress, raise self-esteem and provide you with a sense of adventure.happy4
  8. Cyclists are general more optimistic. Being goal oriented makes you always looking forward to your next ride.
  9. MTB helps you recreate yourselve. Yes, it leaves you exhausted but also restorative. You will sleep better which is crucial for your wellbeing and you will feel better for having had your ride.
  10. Biking can facilitate a meaningful contribution to something larger than you. Taking part in a fund raising event provide opportunities to give back something to community by still doing something you like.


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