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If someone is trying to lose weight, and is on an ssri for depression, i will often switch to wellbutrin bupropion , which is associated with weight loss, he says.

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your personal experience with bupropion is also banned or restricted from use in men.

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hepatic impairment the effect of hepatic impairment on the pharmacokinetics of bupropion was characterized in 2 single-dose trials, one in subjects with alcoholic liver disease and one in subjects with mild to-severe cirrhosis.

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nonetheless, evidence from single-dose studies does suggest that the recommended daily dosage of bupropion when administered in divided doses is not likely to be significantly reinforcing to amphetamine or cns stimulant abusers.

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the fda reported that watson and teva s version of bupropion did not meet its bioequivalence standards–apparently manufacturer does matter.

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croft h, houser tl, jamerson bd, et al effect on body weight of bupropion sustained-release in patients with major depression treated for 52 weeks.
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The rate of life-threatening or lethal outcomes for suicidal overdoses of venlafaxine is lower than for the tcas, maois, and bupropion but higher than almost all of the ssris, and equal to citalopram.

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