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Provera is used to treat conditions like irregular menstrual periods and abnormal uterine bleeding.

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depo-provera is best for women who want a highly effective, private, long-acting method of birth control, without needing to take a pill every day or using a method right before sex.

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in a controlled, clinical study, adult women using depo-provera ci for up to 5 years showed spine and hip bmd mean decreases of 5 6 , compared to no significant change in bmd in the control group.

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question please discuss the role of provera when used in copd background of abestocis.

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the recommended dose is 150 mg of depo-provera ci every 3 months 13 weeks administered by deep, intramuscular im injection in the gluteal or deltoid muscle.

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first she gave me provera to induce my period.

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