S-Guard is SKS Germany’s variant on the ass-saver

“Good products take their time for development”

The ass savers have conquered the world of cycling for quite some time now. As most cyclists do not like regular mudguards, smaller variants were accepted rather quickly. SKS Germany launched their variant of the ass-saver a couple of weeks ago. Their new product is called the S-GUARD.


The S-Guard is not the first mudguard of SKS Germany on the market. The German company offers more variants of mudguards but the new S-Guard is probably the handiest one ever produced. The mudguard is very compact (290 millimetres in length) and fits in the back pockets of the jersey. Next to that, the guard is easy to put the product beneath the saddle. Therefor the mountain biker can use the mudguard only when it is really necessary.



SKS-Germany joins the market of ass-savers rather late. Ass-savers are being used by cyclists for quite some time now. According to SKS-Germany product manager Marc Garbe, this has a specific reason: “SKS thought about how to create a product, which has better qualities than the competitor ones. We didn’t want to produce the same product by using the same technology with the same features in a different design. So good products take time to be developed.’’

“The unique feature is that the S-GUARD is produced by injection moulding, which makes it more solid. Due to its mounting system, the S-GUARDS fits very stable under your saddle so you won’t lose it so easy. If you ride heavy downhill trails you can use additionally a zip tie to fit more safety. Another important fact is that this material won’t bore away”, according to Marc Garbe.

Pull straps

The S-Guard is not heavy either. With its 24 grams a cyclist does not have to worry about the extra weight. The mudguard is made of a soft plastic variant and therefor it fits beneath nearly all saddles. When biking in tough circumstances, the mudguard can be mounted tighter with the extra pull straps. Last but not least, the soft plastic does not change shape when mud cleaves on its surface. Garbe: “You can easily clean it with some water and a tissue or something else. Due to the smooth surface on the bottom side there won’t be so much mud on it.”



The S-Guard saves your ass but it is possible to save your face too. With the Flap Guard mud and water do not reach your face when mountain biking. Next to that the forks are defended against bad circumstances. This results in a longer sustainability of the products. The Flap Guard has the same characteristics as the S-Guard. This front mudguard is not as easy to mount but with the pull straps it is not so difficult either. On both products all consumers have five years of warranty.

The company

SKS Germany is rather well-known of its biking products. First focussing mainly on cycling pumps, the German company located in Sundern started producing mudguards in 1983 too. With the S-Guard and the Flap Guard two new products are added to their wide assortment of mountain bike products.

By: Sjors Beukeboom

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