How nutrition can help your performance and recovery

Relation between nutrition, performance and recovery. Eating and drinking after the race is essential to be able to perform at the best of your ability. Nutrition is important for your endurance, recovery and to build up your muscles. Nutrition is therefore also important in preventing mountain bike injuries. Drinking During your mountain bike

Men’s olympic mountain bike race

The men's olympic mountain bike race Swiss Nino Schurter becomes new olympic champion Nino Schurter is the new Olympic champion on the mountain bike. The Swiss rider finished solo ahead of Jaroslav Kulhavy (Czech Republic) and Carlos Coloma (Spain), who was involved in the fight for bronze for a long time with

Women’s olympic mountain bike race

Women's olympic mountain bike race Swedish Jenny Rissveds takes the gold medal Jenny Rissveds has won the Olympic Mountainbike race in Rio de Janeiro. The Swedish 22-year old, being the youngest rider on the course, broke free in the sixth and final lap and finished solo. Maja Wloszczowska from Poland took silver,

Tapering, or how to prepare for race day.

Tapering, or how to prepare for race day Race day is coming near. A whole year of training, sacrifices and suffering has to result in your best performance. You have trained so hard for this. Starting your preparations might have been easy with a-specific low intensity training sessions, but as race

UCI mountain bike world championship 2016 Nové Město

Team relay (XCR) The mountain bike world championships were held at the end of June and at the beginning of July 2016 in Nové Město, Czech Republic. It was an important race in preparation of the Rio Olympics in August 2016 to see where everyone is standing. During the Team Relay (XCR)

10 Reasons why mountain biking makes you happier

Most of us are looking for the ultimate hapiness. We know at least 10 ways to get more happy by going outdoor and start mountain biking. Mostly known riding your bike helps you by releasing endorphins (brain chemicals that trigger a euphoric high). Phyisical activity also decreases the immune system that

S-Guard is SKS Germany’s variant on the ass-saver

“Good products take their time for development” The ass savers have conquered the world of cycling for quite some time now. As most cyclists do not like regular mudguards, smaller variants were accepted rather quickly. SKS Germany launched their variant of the ass-saver a couple of weeks ago. Their new product

Athletes are like lung patients

The title might be a little provocative, the proposition would have been in my PhD thesis if my promoter wouldn’t have been against it. “Stick to the science” he would tell me. “If you want to ventilate an opinion you can do so in the pub.” And in some ways