Top 10 tips for new mountain bikers

Top 10 tips for new mountain bikers

New to the sport of mountain biking? No problem, you are more than welcome. Trust us from Cruising through the environment on two wheels and with your own legs is amazing. Like in any other sport, the years count. The longer you ride, the more experienced you get. Of course, the first step of getting on the mountain bike is a big one. We are willing to help you with these ten tips for new mountain bikers.

  1. Do not wear headphones

Mountain biking is about training, making enough hours on the saddle to get fit. Long rides might get boring. However, headphones are not the solution for boring trainings. Headphones might cause for less attention for the route you’re riding. Instead, try finding new single trails or other paths you haven’t ridden before.

  1. Avoid wet clothes in the beginning of your ride

Mountain biking in the mountains might lead you to water crossings. Although it is very attractive to go full speed through the water, we would not recommend this at the beginning of your ride. Wet clothes and soaked shoes might cause for problems a few moments later. You might get cold or feel the pain of upcoming blisters.

  1. Go on a mountain bike holiday

There is nothing better than fitness on a mountain bike holiday outside your standard training terrain. With a mountain bike holiday scheduled in your agenda, it gives you morale to train further and longer. The feeling of achieving the top of that particular climb during the holiday and carrying the out the best of your ability makes you feel amazing.

  1. Do not forget a helmet

In every branch of the cycling sport, the helmet is a must-have, also when you are new to the sport. A helmet can save your life. Next to that, it looks cool and professional. Especially when it fits the mountain bike clothes you are wearing.

  1. Do not throw away your garbage into naturegroup1

As a mountain biker, the nature around you is your best friend. The region you are riding in probably gives you an amazing feeling and is the one of the main reasons why you do this great sport. Most jerseys have three pockets at the back. Leftovers of your food should end up in there and not in nature.

  1. Bring spare mountain bike materials

While mountain biking, materials can break. Of course you cannot bring a spare bike but you can bring spare materials with you. An inner tube for example is one of those ‘Do not-forget-to-bring things’ to your training. Not being able to fix a flat tire is not cool.

  1. Keep eating, drinking and eating and eating and drinking

It is stupid to spare weight by brining less food or drinks on your ride. Nutrition is very important, Especially when you are doing a long training. Bring enough food and  drinks. There is an unofficial formula for eating and drinking during your ride. Every 30 minutes 0.5 litres of drinks and every hour something to eat.

  1. Energy gels are not necessary when you are riding less than 2 hours

Energy gels are not necessary when your training does not last longer than two hours. When you have had a decent breakfast or lunch you can finish this training easily, looking from a nutrition perspective. You will have enough energy reserves to cover at least 2.5 hours of riding.

  1. Join group rides

Riding solo through the nature is already amazing. Though, group rides can give you that little extra experience to enjoy the mountain biking life even more. Riding with your mates, talking and enjoying the environment together is exhilarating. Being a little competitive and racing up that particular hill is no problem either!beginner2

  1. Do not ride down hills that make you feel uncomfortable

There is nothing worse than crashing hard during a training. Therefore, do not ride downhill sections that make you feel uncomfortable on your bike.  Some parts in a mountain bike route (and also outside those routes) are just too hard. Definitely for those who are new to the sport. Don’t be ashamed when you walk up a steep climb and don’t be ashamed to walk down a steep decent either.

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